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Welcome to Parts Factory Australia! Thanks for taking interest in the History and Structure that makes Parts Factory tick! Beginning in 2017, it became evident to me that through technology, and the constant reliable access to the internet, the market was shifting. A broader reach was available to consumers, unlocking the ability to acquire new car parts at heavily discounted rates, and the opportunity to retailers to sell at a higher volume.

Originally, the structure of our Partner business (Southport Wreckers) focused on the wider spectrum. Purchasing, and then Dismantling all Makes & Models allowed us to supply a wide range of Auto Car Parts to the Gold Coast Public. Whilst this business Model was (and still is) a viable idea, we decided to start a new journey. Through that, Parts Factory Australia was born. By utilizing the data and experienced gained from the sales of Southport Wreckers, we Import, Screen, Test and Install New Car Parts from Countries like China, and Pakistan.

Back in 2018, I travelled to Guangzhou to attend the Canton Fair and inturn met several suppliers from countries like I mentioned above. By actually travelling to China, I was able to visually comprehend and contrast the vastly different levels of quality, and it was then clear to me why I had seen such poorly crafted material with chinese origin, but then such well designed parts from others. Whilst all manufacturers boast the same level of quality, and seem very evenly balanced from an outsider’s perspective, the counterfeit car parts market does focus on profit, over reliability, and has been that way for many years.

Only through rigorous testing and experience can these parts be told apart. When testing these parts, we noted things like build quality, size and compatibility (bolts not lining up), and overall expected performance. Massive voids were seen between different manufacturers products, and we decided to go for the moderate quality components as they were indeed the best value for money.

Overall our objective is to provide the most customer satisfaction, everytime. We would like to create the ideal Go-to shop for all of your automotive needs. Including Installation Instructions, informational pdf files, Express Postage Options and a 3 Year Guaranteed Replacement Warranty.

Address: 5 Bailey Cr Southport 4215, Qld
Phone : (+61) 0434533850

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